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Colourful monster Colourful monster

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reminds me of graffiti

it reminds me of a graffiti piece you might see on a subway car or a bus,
or something you would see triped out on acid x.x
you wouldnt happen to be a tagger now would you?

Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson

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well i like the piece but i will offer some constrictive criticism.

first up, your dj looks fake, i mean, im a dj and i work with a few of them and they look nothing like this,
another thing you have to think about is how much is going on in your art, you cant have to much that keeps attention from what your trying to sell, be it a tv ad or billboard, you want to make it pop but at the same time get what your selling across.
i dont mean to nag, and i really like your piece, so, yeah, haha

Miren2k responds:

lmao what do you mean by he looks fake?? I don't understand =S

My inspiration for the style of having lots of things around comes from some adverts i've seen on TV and magazines with things popping out of the sides of the main object etc..

I thought making sure the boldest most single colour being orange would make the phone pop up as one of the early objects you notice in the photo, does it work?